Plastic Frog Business Support

We help businesses to get better at what they do.

We are owned by the J75 group &  are also business consultants. We help businesses to improve the way they work, find new customers, increase sales, reduce costs and improve margins. Our team are the best at what they do and we came together through a passion for making business better. There’s nothing magical about what our business consultants do, they just understand how a business needs to work in order to get the most from it – they know because they’ve spent their working lives doing it.

It doesn’t matter which sector the business is in or the stage it’s at, from a brand new retail outlet to an established manufacturing company, we know we can help. We’ve got a core team of business consultants who’ve worked across almost every business sector and we’ve got a select group of partner organizations who can fill in the gaps.

Strategy development.

Solid businesses are built on solid foundations. Our Group Chairman can help to build them. Your business strategy is the basis for everything you do – what you do, why you do it, who buys it, how much it costs, and, very importantly, how you do it. We’ll work with your team, customers and suppliers to develop corporate, marketing and internet strategies that will give your business direction and clarity in everything it does. Your strategy will inform your decisions and actions across the whole business – how complex it is depends on one thing – how complex it needs to be – our business consultants will work to understand your business and develop the right strategy.

Changing the way you work.

People, processes and procedures. The three biggest factors influencing the way your business works. Our business consultants will help you to understand what is and, more importantly, isn’t working – human resources, marketing, procurement, finance, quality, information systems, logistics – in fact, all of the functions that support the business. Better processes will let the organization run more smoothly, reduce costs, improve the working environment. Better people will produce better products and services which will improve sales and make for happier customers. We’ll help you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of everything you do.

Who we can help.

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to grow or having problems – you need to talk to us. Our business consultants can take your business to the next level or bring it back from the brink. If you want to have a chat and find out what we can do for you, just call John Edward Clarke or email him directly