Plastic Frog is a leading full service website design and development firm. Our team of dedicated designers and developers are ready to provide its clients with fast, personalized, and efficient service because we consider this an important part of doing business.Logo2

Plastic Frog is actually two companies amalgamated, Project Horizons was established in 2009 by John Edward Clarke & is owned solely by the Plastic Frog, in late 2012 the Plastic Frog acquired Fire Wire Design & it was decided to re brand the businesses which launched on the 2nd January 2013 as Plastic Frog bringing both companies customers under the control of Plastic Frog.

Plastic Frog offers web design and development, web hosting, eCommerce solutions, database development, search engine optimization, logo design, and flash animation to companies in South Wales and throughout the world!, We even have customers in Australia.

Our Web Design Process

Fast Web Design employs a project methodology that ensures we get your project done on time and that we know and meet your requirements and objectives. There are many facts with respect to developing a website and no two projects are ever the same. A large measure of our success is due to our experience, our ability to match the right resources to your requirements and because we establish a close working relationship with our clients.